The Dept. of Film and Television takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study and practice of media and technology. Dynamic and innovative, this dept. integrates both the academic and industry approaches into its degree program. These include a critical analysis of media; the impacts and assessment of new technology; the nature of new media; film and television theories, digital communication; hands-on production and analysis of media. he Film and Television department aims to help students assess their strengths, skills and confidence and become globally competent professionals as well as entrepreneurs of the media industry.

Message From Head:

Heartfelt welcome and greetings from the Head, Department of Film and Television (FnT),Canadian University of Bangladesh (CUB). In a nutshell, this department offers 4 years bachelordegree with honors through the assurance that the students attain applied knowledge requiredfor the job market. The degree enables students to acquire both soft skills and hard skills forfuturistic media world connecting to ever-changing technologies. Television channels, journals,media, production houses and digital advertising initiatives are looking for hands-on skills-basedworkforce. The department of FnT, CUB is preparing the students for the future to fulfil thedemand of the job market through creating skills for the knowledge-based cultural society. Theuniversity has well equipped modern state-off the arts studio and advanced media lab withdigital facilities. Engagement of National and global scholars with tutorial based educationmakes the departmental excellency to acme for meeting the demands of 21st century's innovative film and media industry. Excellent library facilities, better learning environment,huge practical work opportunities and collaboration with national and international film, TV and media centers including domestic and global scholars, academicians, film directors, writers,journalists, cinematographers, editors, and media-entrepreneurs makes the department right place for knowledge-seekers like you who want to go ahead with digital media industry. Join us and the world is yours!

With best wishes,
Dr. Zohir Biswas
Assistant Professor & Head of the Department
Department of Film and Television